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Zift "Name That Film Noir" Contest

In Zift, by way of homage or a bit of spoof, director Javor Gardev intentionally employs several signature devices found in classic noir masterpieces, as well as more recent noirish thrillers.


Name the devices used by director Javor Gardev in ZIFT that tie to other noir (or noirish) thrillers, and name the films they come from. Generic answers won't count, like "narrative voice over," "gritty urban streets," "shadows," "underdog tough guy gets revenge" or "loner hero is a victim of a hostile society."

The murdered one is still alive

For example, in the scene above Moth learns he has been dosed with a slow-acting poison, with not much time to live and a lot of scores to settle. This is a direct pull from the 1950 noir classic D.O.A., in which hero Frank Bigelow was fed a 'luminous toxin' for which there was no antidote.

Attend either the Dec 01 or Dec 03 screening of Zift, fill out the entry blank (one per person) and deposit in the CWC survey box after the film. Note: For Tuesday's screening, your entry must be turned in before we talk about this subject in the post-film discussion. Entries must have four correct answers to qualify, including the freebie above, "Moth poisoned = D.O.A.".


The top five entrants with the most correct answers will each receive four pairs of tickets to coming CWC screenings.

If you know your thrillers and film noir, here's a chance to show off and win 8 tickets in the bargain!!

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