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Iron Jawed Angels Media:  Trailers, Press & Promo, Soundtrack

Trailers plus the famous suffragette music video
    Watch the Trailer
    Watch the Short Trailer
    Right Brain!

Press Release & Photos
All versions except plain text include photo and logo graphics.

Iron Jawed Angels event announcement, PDF

Iron Jawed Angels announcement with reviews and pull quotes, PDF

Iron Jawed Angels announcement plain text, TXT

Photo for Print Pubs, 1940 x 2633, 400dpi, JPG

Soundtrack  An eclectic group of artists and songs... Lauryn Hill, Richard Souther, St. Germain, Sarah McLachlan, Mandalay, Jasmin Tabatabai & Tico Zamora, Vertical Horizon, Jim Jacobsen, Titiyo and Jeff Lass.

Posters, Flyers, Web Graphics
For printing:   8.5x11 flyers look best on glossy or matte photo paper; 4-ups are best on matte white stock.

Color 13" x 19" poster, PDF
For large-format 13x19 printers, full bleed or fit to page, best on matte

Color 8.5" x 11" flyer, PDF
Prints with red border in either full bleed or fit to page modes

Color 8.5" x 11" flyer, PDF
White background, uses less ink. In Adobe, print as 'fit to page.'

Color 4.25" x 5.5" 4-up, PDF
Prints 4"x5" image on 4-up matte postcards – Avery, Staples, etc.

For web or email            

400 x 500 vertical web banner, JPG

624 x 288 horizontal web or email banner, JPG