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  • The Cats of Mirikitani
  • The price here is a few dollars more than Amazon, but some of the $$ goes to director Linda Hattendorf.
    Order here.

  • Do Not Go Gently
  • Cincinnatian Melissa Godoy's award-winning doc about the role of imagination in aging.
    Order here.

  • Forever
  • This profound and beautiful documentary, shot at Pere LaChaise in Paris, is a tribute to the eternal power of art and the human spirit. But it is expensive.
    Order here.

  • Kekexili
  • AKA, Mountain Patrol: Kekexili. A gorgeously photographed, riveting drama set in the Qinghai Plateau of Tibet. Better than Mongol and based on a true story.
    Order here.

  • The Last Just Man
  • The first, best and most compelling documentary about the genocide in Rwanda. Contact Barna-Alper Productions, Toronto, 416-979-0676. Email:

  • Long Night's Journey into Day
  • Winner of Best Doc at Sundance and an Oscar nominee. About the Truth & Reconciliation process in South Africa and the tenuous journey to peace and healing after decades of apartheid.
    Order here or here.

  • The Singing Revolution
  • An outstanding documentary about how the Estonian people, through their choral tradition and love of singing, came together to gain their independence from Soviet domination.
    Order here.

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