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Cincinnati World Cinema presents...
The "alt" Scary Movie Fest
7 pm Friday, Oct 26
4 and 7 pm Saturday, Oct 27
4 pm Sunday, Oct 28

The Garfield Theatre   719 Race St, Cincinnati, 45202

So, what is the "alt" Scary Movie Fest?
Simply put, the "alt" SMF is our selection of excellent films that ARE NOT all about blood, gore, cheap scares, slashers, etc.

    Join us for innovative and unique adult interpretations of the genre that eschew the predictable retreads that emerge every Halloween. Four great films, starting with a comedy, followed by two new-breed psychological thrillers, ending with a love story that spans the ages.
    We're talking sophisticated, nuanced horror in the Hitchcockian vein – thoroughly scary – the variety that pierces your subconscious and unsettles your mind and emotions. In a couple of the films there is some violence – supporting, but not driving or dominating, the story lines.
    You'll enjoy excellent performances by Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, John Hurt and some impressive newcomers. Check out a single screening, the Saturday double-feature or dive into all four. This is the best way to enjoy – on the big screen, in a darkened theatre, with kindred spirits. Brief, non-destructive synopses and trailers for each are below.


BUBBA HO-TEP, Friday Oct 26, 7 pm.
    Don Coscarelli's cult classic is a truly entertaining, funny, dark film combining comedy, horror and drama based on a highly original concept and offering great performances by Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis. It's one of those rare films that can poke fun at itself while keeping you engaged. The serious subtext, aging with dignity, is a plus.
    What else can you say about a humorous but poignant story set in an east Texas rest home-from-hell that features an aged and recuperating Elvis, a dignified elderly black man convinced he is JFK, and an Egyptian mummy in cowboy boots and a black hat using the rest home as a feeding ground?  Did I mention the carnivorous flying scarab beetles?

THE WITCH, Saturday Oct 27, 4 pm.
Trailer     Winning Best Director honors for Robert Eggers at the Sundance Film Festival, The Witch is a gorgeous, thoughtful and scary film. Its highly atmospheric story is enhanced by exquisite historical detail of a mid-17th-century New England family's community, daily life and religiosity. The film unfolds from the perspective of period Christians who genuinely believe the woods around their farm contain some sort of evil, supernatural being – and they're right.
    Eggers is visually discreet and highly creative, making the things you don't see scarier than those you do. The writing, direction, acting and production values – lighting, music, design, cinematography, editing – are all top-notch and impressive. These elements combine to create a bewitching tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat through the film's climax.
    "The Witch scared the hell out of me. And it's a real movie, tense and thought-provoking as well as visceral."   – Stephen King


HEREDITARY, Saturday Oct 27, 7 pm.
    Hereditary, as the film title implies, deals with the question of who we blame for our shortcomings: our parents, ourselves? Or something else? It is a "family" movie in one sense, about a particular family, the Grahams, consumed by intense and overwhelming feelings – grief, guilt, secrecy, anguish, emotional displacement – experiences common to many of us when dealing with the loss of a family member.
    The lead character, Annie Graham (Toni Collette), plays a woman quite literally possessed by her own grief. How this plays out is for the viewer to discover, but it is no secret that Collette's hypnotic performance is the most intensely wrenching of her career. The cast, young and old alike, is well-chosen and up to the task, backed by brilliant direction, camera work and orchestral score, all-in-all making tension an art form.


ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, Sunday Oct 28, 4 pm.
    With Sunday afternoon's film, the tone and pace softens. Jim Jarmush's sensual romance gives us cultured adult bohemian vampires, stars Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, plus a strong supporting cast. Jarmusch manages to transport viewers into an atmosphere of suave decadence and debauchery, heightened by the amber tones artfully used by cinematographer Yorick le Saux.
    Devin Faraci from Badass Digest said this about the film: "They can stop making vampire films now, because Jim Jarmusch has made the ultimate one. Only Lovers Left Alive takes the vampire as poet, as rock star, as junkie, as morose philosopher, as doomed lover to a place of such absolute perfection that any further examination of the type seems a waste of time."

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  • Friday, October 26, 7 PM, Bubba Ho-Tep, by Don Coscarelli, 92 minutes.
  • Saturday, October 27, 4 PM, The Witch, by Robert Eggers, 92 minutes.
  • Saturday, October 27, 7 PM, Hereditary, by Ari Aster, 127 minutes.
  • Sunday, October 28, 4 PM, Only Lovers Left Alive, by Jim Jarmusch, 123 minutes.

Venue seating opens 30 minutes before show time.
the newly renovated GARFIELD THEATRE, 719 Race St, Cincinnati 45202.
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Ample parking at affordable rates —  1,700+ garage spaces within two blocks ‐ Gramercy Garage (next door, enter via Race, 7th or Elm streets), Garfield Garage (9th St., next to the Phoenix) and Macy's Garage (7th Street). Another 363 surface lot spaces within a couple blocks, plus numerous on-street meters.   
Other transport options include the Street Car, Metro, Tank, Uber, Red Bike, etc.
   Ticket prices for the film and post-film discussion are:
   Single Screenings: Adults, $10 advance, $15 door.
   Single Screenings: Students & ArtsPass members, $8 advance, $12 door with ID required.
   Saturday Double Feature: Adults, $15 advance, $25 door.
   Saturday Double Feature: Students & ArtsPass members, $12 advance, $20 door with ID required.
   All Four Films: Adults, $30 advance, $45 door.
   All Four Films: Students & ArtsPass members, $24 advance, $36 door with ID required.
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ADA ACCESS: We have completely revamped and improved ADA access, with a direct path to wheelchair spaces and companion seats (no ramps, no stairs). Individuals using walkers or wheelchairs should call ahead to let us know your screening date and time, (859) 957-3456.
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