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CWC Film Reminder: Next Week & More
Love, Music, a Revolutionary Generation and The Beatles

CWC January News

Good Morning,

Reminder – Across the Universe screens next Tuesday at Memorial Hall, get your tickets here or call (859) 957-3456. More info below. Also in this newsletter, a cool film event at MEMO, CWC and JIFF present Bye Bye Germany, and finalized screening dates and times for the Oscar Shorts.

See you at Memorial Hall,
Tim Swallow

Across the Universe (Tuesday, January 16) at Memorial Hall is an exhilarating and powerful drama set to 33 songs by the Beatles. Check out the joy, pain and chaos of the sixties plus the evergreen Beatles lyrics in this playlist of short clips.

Don't miss this one-time screening of a film that is important and unique in so many ways. Get TICKETS Now — $8, $10 and $15 in advance and $10, $12 and $20 at the door. Social hour 6 pm, film 7 pm. There is much more on the CWC website to discover about Across the Universe - discussion of the film, music and cast; cameos by Joe Cocker, Bono, Eddie Izzard & Salma Hayek, a visual profile of Julie Taymor's directorial work, interview clips, speaker bio, etc. Learn more at the Across the Universe event page.
On a personal note... Beyond the unique visual and musical interpretations, Across the Universe triggered reflection, taking me back to a time where endless possibilities lay ahead and so many experiences were "first times." Your personal "once upon a time" may have come at a different moment than mine, but the process of self-discovery and coming-of-age is universal.

The film shares significant moments we can all appreciate, still relevant today:

When you fall deeply in love for the first time. Your first real heartbreak. Discovering injustice and inequity. Realizing our government is fallible and sometimes lies to us. The impact of music upon our lives and its power in driving emotion and motivation. Seeing Americans die overseas and here at home. The role of non-violent public protest in changing the course of society. And many more. Like WWII, the sixties created a smorgasbord of life events that shaped our generation and those that followed.

If any of this resonates with you, no matter your age or recollection, join us next Tuesday and open your heart and senses to Across the Universe.

Coming soon to the big screen:

Live CinemaBrent & Sam Green | Live Cinema — Saturday, January 27, 7:30, Memorial Hall.
A one-of-a-kind experience produced by Memorial Hall, combining film with storytelling and live music on stage. Tickets $17 and $20 in advance, details here.

Bye Bye Germany — Monday, February 12, 7:00, Kenwood Theatre.
Presented by Cincinnati World Cinema and the Mayerson JCC Jewish & Israeli Film Festival, more info here.

Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts — Friday, February 16, 6:30 and 9:00 and Saturday, February 17, 4:00 and 7:00. Tickets on sale next week, see the Nominee short list here.

Oscar Nominated Live Action & Animated Shorts — Saturday and Sunday, March 10 & 11, Memorial Hall. Program A, 4:00; Program B, 7:00. Program lineup to be announced in late January.
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